Do you want to get FIT and have FUN ?

Personal Training


You can choose from one on one personal training sessions or small group sessions, at a time and location of your choice. You are free to choose what you wish to learn. From weight loss, cardio boxing, strength and conditioning, specific fitness goals, basic self-defence and everything in between. I am here to help you realise YOUR goals. From the very beginner to the more advanced, I can cater to your individual needs. I also offer personalised at home programs for your own specific needs.


Here is what others have had to say:

Kelly is great. Martial Fit is great for busy mums. Kelly creates a program that is actually enjoyable and challenging. just started the 6 week fitness plan but so excited to keep going.

Go no further than Martial Fit for all your 2019 fitness goals. She is patient, professional and knows how to get results! Kelly is an amazing trainer and will unlock potential you never knew you had!

Children's Personal Training

Do you have a young one who could benefit from what Martial Arts has to offer? Maybe they are just too timid to step into a larger class atmosphere? I must admit, working with kids to boost their confidence is the best part of my job. Starting them young and boosting them early provides lifelong benefits that you just can't put a price on. I have a number of children I train through private one on one sessions to build their confidence and arm them with some basic self defence skills. I can also provide unique programs specific for your child’s needs. The sky is the limit.

Here is what one Mum had to say:

Kelly is a truly amazing instructor. For years I have tried everything for my son and he has taken to non of them and after 1 or 2 lessons/trainings would refuse to go. From the very first lesson Master C has loved it and idolizes Kelly, he is counting down the sleeps to his next session. I can’t thank Kelly enough for all her support and encouragement, my son is feeling good about himself and his confidence is growing and it’s thanks to Kelly’s hard work.

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